Quality Policy

PATO RICO, LDA’s mission is the manufacture and sale of clothing, home textile, and decoration products based on duck´s feathers and down feathers fillings.
PATO RICO, LDA assumes Quality as a management philosophy capable of generating excellence in its business based on the following principles:
Promote the creation of products that better respond to market trends and consumer demands;

Promote products that meet the needs and expectations of its customers, ensuring compliance with the agreed requirements as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements;
Ensure efficient management of the organization that contributes to the creation of value and the sustainability of the company;
Develop employees’ skills to improve the overall effectiveness of operations and meet their individual expectations.
Consider continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system as a key element for the company’s progress.

The Management of PATO RICO, LDA assumes responsibility for the adoption of the Quality Policy defined above and establishes as a priority objective, for all employees, the pursuit of the stated principles.

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