The Feathers

The use of feathers and down is the best and most natural way of braving the cold

This happens because of the special composition of feathers. They are made of silky and smooth threads with intertwined air chambers. This keeps the body temperature stable and prevents overheating.

Pato Rico has developed a whole process for feather treatment, from cleaning to classification, sterilization and dust removal.

In compliance with all European standards and requirements, all Pato Rico products undergo a special treatment against the growth of mites, fungi, and bacteria to prevent respiratory problems and allergies. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for people who are allergic to house dust.

For us, sustainability, respect for the environment and animals are very serious matters, so all feathers in our products come from ducks used in the food industry. We do not use duck feathers that have been plucked alive or overfed.

A feather/down  product is recommended to you because:

  • It prevents your body from overheating while you sleep;

    Body heat is not lost because each feather/down feather contains numerous small air chambers that together form an insulating shield. This keeps the temperature in the bed stable and your duvet can be used through the winter.
    It allows moisture to evaporate.

  • Allows moisture to evaporate

    The human body produces 2 deciliters of moisture per night. Only our special fabric, combined with the high quality of our feather/down filling, allows for a natural system that absorbs body moisture and releases it to the outside of the duvet where it evaporates.

  • It allows a peaceful and restful sleep;
    Scientific tests have proven that excessive perspiration can cause restless sleep. Compared to a synthetic product, the use of a feather/down product shows that the evaporation of perspiration to the outside increases 10/15 times.
    Thanks to the special anti-mite treatment that all our products undergo, people who suffer from house dust allergies can enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.